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Cs 1.6 long jump.cfg

Cs 1.6 long jump.cfg

Name: Cs 1.6 long jump.cfg

File size: 380mb

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A Counter-Strike (CS) Config Script in the Action Scripts category, submitted by Technolex LongJump 7 Strafes (Right And Left) Pre Script . 18 Jul Long Jump cfg is an Counter-Strike cfg download. Download Long Jump cs cfg, other Counter-Strike configs or view Long Jump cs. 18 Jul config is an Counter-Strike config download. Download cs config, other Counter-Strike cfgs or view.

Explaination A lot of people have asked about the longjump bind that I (and others) use. it in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Counter- Strike Global Paste the bind into that and then save it as file. Tron colored styled original cs flash, he smoke, grizzly config, model gear by Hns hack esp v longjump by foundationfordepelchin.coms 1 year ago. counter strike Скрипты CS This script is undetected by lj stats or kz stat. TRY TO USE IT! alias owned "prestrafe; +jump; wait; -jump; doStrafe; +duck; duckwait; -duck".

15 окт lj // LongJump Script v // Created By: Creasy Woo // Just for fun! . Заходиш в Cs Пишешь exec И все радуйся фигней этой))). 3. Sooo fast flashing flashlight. 4. long Jump. 5. Quiet bomb clearance. 6. lowering ping. 7. Quick gun. Binds to cfg: F2 - enable fast switching on AWP knife. 22 Jun LongJump bind "p" "6s_script" alias "6s_script" "6s_prestrafe; 6s_jump; 6s_airstrafe; w30; -duck" alias "6s_prestrafe" "6s_forward; 6s_turn" alias. CSS BHOP+LONGJUMP script by President_Capone This is UNDETECTED CounterStrike (CS) Hacks / Counter Strike: Source (CSS) Hacks . GAMEBANANA: Strafing script (Counter-Strike: Source > Scripts > Action Scripts) original. This plugin measures jump techniques in Counter-Strike These techniques are: LongJump; HighJump; WeirdJump; WeirdJump after Double Duck Dont forget first set cvars in cfg and then restart server(map). Code.

OK hello people this is an website for Counter-Strike Website alias "" "+jump;alias" tutorial when you reached Cj and Lj with this script you can Jump Lj max Cj ,in. Page 4 - External Bhop & Longjump Script - CounterStrike Source Hacks and Cheats Forum. "Jump While Crouching" is different. You use it to get into some ventilation openings, or, if you have a "Long Jump Module", to achieve a much. New HNS CFG AstroN^ By: KnAz Better PreStrafe Sync Better Strafe Sync Better CJ / SCJ Jump Better Block Jump Better FPS / Max LJ - Max DCJ - Max MCJ - No automatic alt text available. 7 Likes7 .

o.o. Just get the script and upload it into the server. Then update the plugins file to load the (or wtv name is has). KZ/Kreedz: Kreedz was the founder and inventor of CS Climbmaps. Longjump/LJ: Every jump that is longer than (and therefore can't be done with. LJ Bind // the holy longjump bind // crouch jumps and releases w for you alias +LJ binds like this would be considered cheating in 11 Jul Discussion in 'Counter Strike Source & Zombie gameservers' started by . A " crouch jump" script? cant you just press spacebar+ctrl at the same time like everyone else? I became insane with long intervals of horrible sanity.


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